Wool Production

Romney Wool Fleece

Wairere King Romney’s produce commercially viable wool fleeces.

With the proportionate value of meat to wool harvested from a commercial sheep farm these days, alot of ram breeders have moved away from paying any attention to wool traits. Now I believe that wool can still be commercialy viable, and have maintained focus on developing Wairere King rams which produce a good quality fleece that is easily maintaned. 

Superior wool genetics are highly heritable, and Wairere King rams demonstrate traits for good colour, medium type wool, while also having bare legs, and clear faces. This means there is less maintenance crutching and dagging.

With shearing now accounting for one third of your wool revenue, these genetic traits make the harvesting of your wool much more cost effective and overall a better return on your flock. In my opinion good quality fleeces will always find a commercially viable market, and to over look this has been a mistake by many ram breeders.

As the wool marketers create new initiatives (which is long overdue) these ram breeders will be genetically so far behind, they will never be able to benefit, without introducing sires from people like Wairere King(good for me I guess).

Ultimately my objective is to provide commercial sheep farmers with a bloodline which will drastically improve the quality of your flock, and subsequently increase your financial returns.

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