Ram Constitution & Adaptability

Wairere King Romney

Wairere King rams are strong and muscular with a great constitution this means they are highly adaptable

At Wairere King with a combination of superior sheep genetics and hard farming I have developed high performance Romney rams which are ideal for the commercial farming market.

As is typical of any hill country farm found in the heart of the King Country, our property is very steep and unforgiving with cold, wet, bleak winters and dry hot summers. This harsh environment is the perfect proving ground for Wairere Kings’ high performance Romney rams.

Wairere King rams are strong and muscular and this means they are highly adaptable and will transfer easily to any farming terrain. Of course the genetic traits for constitution and muscularity are then passed on to your flock, which makes for better survivability and greater profitability.

Ultimately my objective is to provide commercial sheep farmers with a bloodline which will drastically improve the quality of your flock, and subsequently increase your financial returns.

To learn more about the systems I use in farming click on ‘management practices’.

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