Lamb Survivability

Wairere King Sires

Wairere King rams have high birth weights, the number one determining factor in lamb survival.

Using superior sheep genetics Wairere King are producing lambs which outstrip the early growth rates of many terminal breeds, and our lambs wean at good weights, this is the foundation of succesful commercial farming.

The key to the high survivability rate of our lambs is their constitution, they are strong healthy lambs with built in traits to handle any conditions thrown at them. Anybody can produce great rams and lambs in perfect farming conditions, flat lush pasture, with huge fertilizer costs, drench capsules, lambing huts, repetitive drenching, and vaccinations, but I believe that these pratices produce a geneticly inferior sheep.

Aside from the huge costs related to this type of farming and its labour intensive nature, how does the livestock stand up to the severe drought conditions we had last year? In time these input dependant sheep will weaken the constitution of your flock and your survivability will fall off dramaticly, which can be devastating to a commercial farmer.

Ultimately my objective is to provide commercial sheep farmers with a bloodline which will drastically improve the quality of your flock, and subsequently increase your financial returns.

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