Fertility & Lambing Rates

Wairere King Lambs

At Wairere King we only breed from twin rams and have high lambing rates at weaning, therefore the rams for sale carry this genetic trait.

Breeding from only twin rams means through heritability our rams pass on the traits for multiple births and fertility increasing your lambing rate and the fertility of your flock.

Although I am aware of other breeders achieving higher lambing rates, I have found through a formula based on survivability, weaning weights, eye muscle scanning, and net return on production, that 130% lambing is ideal and where I get the best return on my dollar.

In my opinion although high lambing rates are important, you have to find your own equilibrium point, and still produce good quality lambs, which wean at a high weight. I believe that once you move beyond twins to triplets that the weaning weights are lower, you have survivability issues and overall the additional lambs produce diminishing returns. So be careful high lambing rates are not necessarily the best way to go. You want quality as well as quantity.

Ultimately my objective is to provide commercial sheep farmers with a bloodline which will drastically improve the quality of your flock, and subsequently increase your financial returns.

To learn more about the systems I use in farming click on ‘management practices’.

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